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Introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about who you are by answering these three questions!

  1. What's your background?
  2. Why are you here?
  3. What's your favourite animal? (Just for fun :wink: )


  • JVDouglasJVDouglas
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    Wow, I didn't know about some of these, thanks!

  • alarnaalarna
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    Great stuff @"", thank you for posting these helpful tips!
  • Hello, my name is Jess and we are from Penrith area. My son who is now close to 8 months old had a stroke around the time of birth. He is at high risk of cerebral palsy. Would love to connect with other parents in a similar situation 😊
  • Hi my name is Rachelle and i am a mum of 4 boys the youngest of whom was diagnosed with spina bifida and hydrocephellous in
    utero . Rocco is 4yrs old i am hoping to find some like minded parents who understand. Our favorite animal is horses. We live in terrigal on the central coast
  • > @alarna said:
    > Hi my name is alarna and I have a 8 month old little boy who at this stage is showing mild signs of cp we live in Jordan Springs near Penrith nsw would love to chat to parents whoever and get to know abit more about what’s ahead of us with this journey and love to get involved with this community

    Hi Alarna! I live in JS also.

    My name is Kylie and my son is 5. He had a hypoxic episode at 5 months old due to a pain condition, which resulted in spastic quad CP. He is a little more complex than most as he also has a gene mutation causing other medical issues and disabilities. I'd like to Be able to talk to other mums who get it! My favourite animals are rabbits but Liam loves puppies!
  • Hi I'm Sharon, Logan's Mum
    Logan is 3 and has a diagnosis of spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy secondary to HIE at birth.
    We are currently coming to terms with a new diagnosis of epilepsy.
    Logan also has severe food allergies.
    He's a happy beautiful cheeky funny clever little boy who has my heart I see life very differently since Logans come into my world.
  • Hi I’m Sue
    My daughter is in her early 30s now. She doesn’t have CP but we are receiving services fromCPA at the moment in the form of exercise physiology. Ali has low muscle tone, intellectual delay and ASD. I’m also a Learning Support teacher. I guess I would say that I think my daughter is amazing the things she has achieved in life as she now lives independently with support from support workers and ourselves. All the work that parents and therapists put in, pays off one day.

  • LucyBLucyB
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    My son is 3 yrs in the hunter valley. Hie leading up to birth- severe level 5 quad dystonic and spastic cp and a list of diagnoses not limited to epilepsy hip dysplasia osteoporosis pyrodixine dependency. He is 100% g and j fed and non verbal. A very tolerant little (big) man with lots of smiles to give.
    I think my fav animal has to be an owl as he loves giggle and hoot and his favorite game on eyegaze is the look to learn musical owls :)
    Nice to meet you all and I see some familiar faces.
  • Hi my names peter,
    I’m 33 and work as an electrician in sydney.
    Born 12 weeks premix along side a twin brother.

    I guess I joined to try and meet similar people to myself and share experiences and support.

    But also discovered today that maybe as an adult with cp sharing my experiences and perspectives may help new parents ect who are just beginning with cp as part of there life.

    Owe and fave animal - dogs of course, can’t beet having a four legged friend around the house while I was growing up.
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    Hey everyone, my name is Andrew Hewitt, I am 48 and have Spastic Quad CP. I use a wheelchair, but am an international touring drummer. I play both drum kit and hand drums, teach, and run drumming programs within the disability community. Just thought I'd pop in, say hi and see if there are others who are musically minded..play instruments etc :) My fav animals are my 2 fur babies Roadie and Bubba...a pure bred male maltese and a female lhatese :)

  • Hi guys! I'm Hannah. I'm 13 and live in Vermont. I was born 13 weeks premature and have a twin sister named Isabelle. I have spastic CP and use a walker in day to day life, as well as an electric wheelchair. I'm starting 8th grade this fall and love theatre and especially music, I take voice lessons. I wanted to join to connect with others in the disability community, offer advice, etc. Would love to get to know some other theatre geeks/music lovers. my favorite animals are my dog Betsie, my cat Thunder, horses, elephants, giraffes :)

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