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Hi there,
I have a little man with spastic diplegia. He wears an AFO on his right leg, and he's very compliant - in fact he really doesn't like taking it off.
That might be partly our fault, because when he first got it we called it his POWER BOOT, and I think he thinks it makes him into a super hero.
Anyway, it's been recommended we get him to weight bare more on the his right leg, and spend time every day without his boot on, as the muscles in his right leg are not developing as much as those in his left leg on which he uses the boot.
Rather than specialised physiotherapy and classes, we were thinking of getting him into a local martial arts class or gymnastics club for kids - so that he would be improving his strength and balance at the same time as he's having some fun.
I was wondering if anyone had tried this kind of approach before, and whether or not they were successful, or if there is a weightbearing sport you'd recommend for little people with CP.
Thanks muchly

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